Benefits Of Membership

We don’t have any gimmicks. No discount cards, no money off vouchers. All we offer is the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow supporters. We are establishing a working relationship with the football club – but it is one that will only work with your help. By joining the Trust, you give every other member a stronger voice. By signing up as a voting member you get the right to stand for election to the board or to vote board members in or out of office. By signing up as a non-voting member you send a signal that you are willing to be represented by the board, and show solidarity with other fans.

All of our members will of course have the right to attend Trust events, meetings, social gatherings – and will get access to the forthcoming members’ area of this website. All of our updates and communications will be published to members first.

Please. Don’t leave up to others – every member really counts. Together… well, you know how it works.