Get Involved

Get Involved

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with the Cherries Trust


The simplest way to help is to join us. Every member we have gives greater legitimacy to the Trust and gives us all a stronger voice. Even non-voting members show solidarity with our aims and a willingness to be represented by the Trust – and that won’t cost you a penny.


Once open for membership, the Trust will be very quickly inviting members to stand for election to the board – and we want as diverse and representative a board as we can possibly get. Please consider standing for the board, especially if you feel that you are a part of a section of the support that is not normally prominently represented. It’s important that all voices are heard and all faces are seen.


You don’t need to be willing to stand for election to the board to make a difference either – any help that can be offered no matter how small will be gratefully received. We need to hear from our members as much as possible so that we can reflect as broad a set of views to the club as we can. That will mean that everyone’s point of view is considered and taken into account in our conversations. Please, engage with the Trust committee on social media, through the website, at matches or at Trust events as much as possible.

Anything, Really

If you don’t want to formally join the board but there are specific topics or interests that you’d like to work on with the Trust, do get in touch – not everything we will do will need people to sign up for that level of commitment.

As we move forwards we will be holding events – public meetings, possibly social events and the like. None of this will be possible without the assistance of volunteers. If you’d like to help out with this kind of thing from time to time, do get in touch. We’ll keep details of any offers of help, and we’ll be issuing appeals when we need specific skills that the committee don’t have!