The Trust

Following the unprecedented success of Eddie Howe, Jason Tindall, their staff and the players that has brought a second season of Premier League football to our club, we recognise that the club is going through a period of intensive change and growth both on and off the field. This change is disruptive both to the club as a business and to the fans, as we all have to readjust to the new realities of life as a very different kind of club to that which we have been for the preceding 125 years of our history.

We recognise that the football club is a business, but that the relationship between the club and the supporters is not the same as between any other business and its customers. It is a bond that is formed over many years, through good times and bad and that has great value to both parties – and without which this football club would not have survived into this millennium and beyond.

It is imperative that the nature of this relationship is not fundamentally undermined by this period of change and that supporters are treated as a valued part of the club, and not as disposable customers. There have been a number of occasions in recent times which have demonstrated the need for a strong body to represent the interests of the supporters in both the club’s decision making process and in local and national issues. The existing Supporters Trust had been put into mothballs shortly after the club emerged from its last period in administration leaving AFC Bournemouth supporters without an effective representative group. This lack of effective representation has led to a steering committee being formed which has seen the creation of the newly formed Cherries Supporters Trust.

The aim of the Cherries Supporters Trust is to bring the voice of the majority of AFC Bournemouth supporters, in the UK and Overseas, to the attention of the Club and those tasked with running the club.

Our approach will be one of leading the way in organised and effective dialogue between supporters and the club. As well as this, improvement of the relationships with all stakeholders and the local community is at the heart of the Trusts remit and we are committed to re-affirming the clubs roots, the history and culture of the club.

The Cherries Trust will be a democratic, one member, one vote body with inclusivity at its heart – open to any AFC Bournemouth Supporter of 50 years or 1 years standing, Season Ticket holder or not, whether living in the local area, or “exiled” in some foreign land!

The Cherries Supporters Trust hope that this website will become your first port of call for any news about Cherries Supporters Trust meetings, events, campaigns and action.

*Note: A simplified policy will be put in place for the first election in order to make it easier for members to join and stand for election in the available timescales. The full policy will come into effect in 2017.

Board Members

The Cherries Trust Board, as elected by our full members at the AGM, comprise of the following

Chairman – Tony Maycock

Having supported as a youth i lost a bit of track through my late teens due to financial constraints. Since finishing university and funds have increased I have been able to regularly support and for the last 10 seasons held a North Stand ST.

In recent seasons I have found myself asking the odd question here and there beyond the scope of what was occurring on the pitch. I felt the fans were being left behind by having no organised group to present concerns and opinions. Seeing that others shared similar feelings I spoke with others I knew with experience of supporters groups, and helped move forward ideas that have led to the formation of the Cherries Trust steering committee.
The hard work starts now in encouraging more fans to join with us and move the Cherries Trust forward into an active group for all fans.

Vice Chairman – Stuart Bramley

I’ve been supporting the club for more years than I care to remember. I first became involved with off-field matters in the late 90s, assisting Andy Smith with the running of the official website and I was a founder member of the AFC Bournemouth Independent Supporters Association. I was involved in the setting up of the original AFC Bournemouth Community Mutual and was the Mutual’s first supporter representative on the board of the Community Youth Fund which held the ‘golden shares’ in the football club at the time. I also worked with Paul Williams on the fan website for several years and subsequently the small but beautifully formed CourtOffside.

I have become involved in setting up Cherries Trust because I firmly believe that fan representation and co-operative involvement in the running of the football club is beneficial for both supporters and the club – and that all of our interests are best served by having open and meaningful dialogue between the fans and the club at all times.

Treasurer – Robin Latchem

I stood for the board because I care so much about the club and now how much it means to be a normal supporter in these heady but abnormal times. I was first taken to Dean Court by my Dad as a four-year-old. He told me we beat Grimsby with a last-minute penalty and I still have the programme. I’ve never lived in the Bournemouth area but both sets of grand-parents came from Parkstone and I’ve never supported anyone but the Cherries. When I was living in the Midlands and my children were young in the mid 80’s, I started taking them to away games in the region and together we’ve never looked back.

Like many, I frittered away cash through two administrations and became a long-distance season ticket holder in 2003, little imagining we could make the Premier League. I now take my Dad to games and in 2017 he will celebrate 70 years as a fan. Best game – beating Swansea away in League 1; worst one – losing 5-0 in Stockport in a snow storm.

Secretary – Gary Hickson

Kerry Smith

I moved to Bournemouth in 1985 and I started to show an interest in AFCB shortly afterwards, when I found out a certain Mark Newson, who lived nearby and used my parent’s newsagents in Pokesdown, was a player! I was curious to know more about this club, which was literally on my doorstep, especially as Harry Redknapp (who was also known to pop in for a racing post on occasion) was involved, and I knew of him as he played for West Ham United. I did not start going to matches until my teens, but once I started, I was hooked! The football interest runs through my family, with my dad playing for East London Boys as a youngster and his love of West Ham which I inherited while growing up, and also my grandad Harry, who worked for many years on the turnstiles at Leyton Orient and was an avid fan of them. In fact my first ever live match was Leyton Orient v Millwall when I was about 7, which was an eye opener! My boys love AFC Bournemouth, and are lucky to have only seen success as they are still young! They are both involved with the AFCB community sports trust by taking after school lessons and holiday clubs sessions, and both are currently playing for teams within the Christchurch FC youth set up.
I decided to join the board of the trust as I want to help the trust to be a success and to grow and to be around for many years to come. I like being involved in things that mean something to me, hence why I am also part of the boys’ school PSA, and I love my job and the company I work for. I love living and working in BH& as it keeps me at the heart of the BH7 community, I have been living here for over 30 years. I work within management in early years (children 0-5), working very closely with families also. I am a non-season ticket holder, but I usually frequent the North stand every home game and go to most away matches, when they fit in around the family needs.

James Swyer

Lance Phayer